ContentWRX and Content Chimera partner for stronger content analysis

Washington, DC — 10 February 2021

David Hobbs Consulting and Content Science have formed a strategic partnership to take the industry to a higher level of content analysis.

Content Science has spent eleven years building a suite of channels to widely raise the level of content strategy. For over a decade, David Hobbs Consulting has concentrated on large digital presence transformations, consulting with clients to pull off these complex projects.

In this partnership, current ContentWRX Audit customers will move to Content Chimera. This will mean those customers will gain the more comprehensive content analysis features of Content Chimera including interactive charting, decisions via rules, deduplicated URLs, multi-site analysis, and importing arbitrary data. In addition, Content Science will provide support for Content Chimera. ContentWRX Effectiveness will remain a separate product, although effectiveness data can be imported into Content Chimera for visualization and decision making.

Content Chimera is a tool to communicate and engage with stakeholders about their digital presence, dynamically answer content questions, and make content decisions. It does this with interactive charting, a rules engine, merging from sources such as Google Analytics, deduplicating URLs, multi-level analysis for complex/global digital presences, automated multi-step processing, near duplicate probabilistic analysis, on-the-go analysis across devices, and team support. Content Chimera imports from source systems such as CMSes or crawlers (or it can do the crawl itself, with features such as "circuit breakers" for very large crawls).See features.

“Content Science has built an impressive array of resources to empower organizations to improve content in a wide range of industries. One of our goals is to put more powerful and engaging content analysis tools in more hands, and we look forward to working with Content Science to accomplish that,” says David Hobbs.

“Content technology expert David Hobbs built Content Chimera as a true content analysis platform from day one, reflecting a vision similar to ours of where content analysis and inventory management need to go,” notes Content Science Founder Colleen Jones. “Joining forces allows us to accelerate moving content analysis into a more sophisticated and useful experience for our customers.”

About Content Chimera and David Hobbs Consulting

David Hobbs Consulting has, like many of us in the industry, hacked together a variety of tools over the years to analyze content. But doing it this way is error prone, not repeatable, limiting, and not very engaging for stakeholders. Fundamentally, David Hobbs Consulting had a concept for what went into good content analysis — rules-based, scalable, exploratory, visual, flexible, multi-level, powerful — but there were no tools to do that. Three years ago, David Hobbs Consulting started building Content Chimera to do analysis on large client projects, so power is built in from the start for analyzing large, complex digital presences.

About Content Science and ContentWRX

Content Science is an end-to-end content company that works with the world's leading brands to close the content gap in digital business. Our solutions like CS Brain, CS Forge, and CS Lab bring together outstanding services as well as unique products like ContentWRX. We turn your content insight into business impact.