ISVs: CMS and Tool Vendors

Software vendors can benefit from Content Chimera in two main ways: a) embedding elements of the tool in their software (this would be most applicable to other site or content analysis tools) or b) leveraging the tool to help migrate organizations into your tool (this would be most applicable to CMS vendors).

Content Chimera is a tool to communicate and engage with stakeholders about their digital presence, dynamically answer content questions, and make content decisions. It does this with interactive charting, a rules engine, merging from sources such as Google Analytics, deduplicating URLs, multi-level analysis for complex/global digital presences, automated multi-step processing, near duplicate probabilistic analysis, on-the-go analysis across devices, and team support. Content Chimera imports from source systems such as CMSes or crawlers (or it can do the crawl itself, with features such as "circuit breakers" for very large crawls).See features.

For CMS vendors: moving into your CMS

Your goal is to get customers into your tool or hosting environment. Content Chimera can help in the following ways:

  • Define patterns that could be scraped out from web pages rendered by your CMS (for instance, when supporting a migration from one version of your CMS to another). These could then be available to all users of Content Chimera.
  • Support your implementation partners with access to Content Chimera for more streamlined migration planning.
  • From a business perspective, you could use Content Chimera to understand issues with a potential new customer's current implementation.
  • Provide a streamlined processing pipeline in Content Chimera to analyze and generate a report on readiness to move into your system.

For content analysis tool vendors: embedding elements of Content Chimera

One of our goals in creating Content Chimera is to increase the quality of content analysis we are doing as an industry, and we would not expect to get 100% of the market :-). So we are interested in embedding key functionality in other tools as well. Content Chimera has been built with a suite of sophisticated capabilities toward the goal of content analysis. You may be able to greatly increase the value of your tool be embedding one of the capabilities into your tool.

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