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Opportunity for improvement: medium

Leave in Source System, but Integrate

How to use dispositions


Leave the content where it is (and as it is), but integrate it into another system, for instance by pulling it in based on taxonomy values

This is a very powerful disposition. Fundamentally you don't "move" anything at all, but get more value of the content you already have. Useful examples of content that would deserve this treatment is journals (and other serious report repositories), product databases, and formal libraries of information (but it could be any content that's already well-structured and valuable to a wide range of other parts of your site). In many cases these are already well structured and well regarded. In fact, often content is already linking to these repositories, but manually. The easiest way to unlock this content is if it is already usefully tagged, in which case there is no per-content-item manual effort. 

When to assign this disposition to content:
  • For already-templated content that is already high value but could effectively "flow" to other relevant places on the site (for instance by topic)
  • Bonus if the content is already usefully tagged
  • Leave As Is
  • Move As Is (Manual)
  • Move As Is (Literal)
System-wide startup effort

The following needs to be defined:

  • How will the content look when on other pages (just title or more)?
  • Develop all templates
  • Determine logic of how the content will flow from this system
  • Implement logic (and cache invalidation as needed) for content to flow
  • Determine if any existing manual links need to be changed
  • Determine if additional metadata is required — if so, this disposition needs to be tweaked to add the time for tagging

Note that one advantage of this disposition is that you do not need to first do a ton of prep before starting — in this disposition, you can just dive in and iterate since you are leaving content in the source system.

Average per-item manual effort
0 minutes
Effort per (potential) handling step:
Step Effort What is this?
Sort skipped Decide what to do with content item
Place skipped Place in IA
Edit skipped Edit text/content (NOT technical)
Move / Transform skipped Physically move/enter/transform content (NOT the words)
Enhance / Tag skipped Prepare the metadata, especially tagging/retagging
QA skipped Review content for quality
More on estimating effort: article | webinar | slideshare | mini-report.