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Opportunity for improvement: low

Move As Is (Auto After Cleanup Source)

How to use dispositions


First clean up the content in the current system, then move (or transform within same system) to a new standard or structure (but without editorial changes)

This disposition is fairly rare, since in general when you are restructuring content you are better off doing it in the new or revised system. This is because the system should be enforcing structural constrains you are putting on the content in the target state. That said, sometimes there are no new structures in the new situation for some content, in which case you modifying the content in the current system can be a timesaver (especially since you can start the content work before the new system is complete).

To be clear, in this disposition you are:

  • Manually modifying the content in the current system.

  • Automatically moving the content to the new system (or automatically transform it to the new model in the current system).

When to assign this disposition to content:
  • Only when not enforcing new structures for this content in the target system (for instance, when people can already enter whatever HTML they want, and it will be the same in the new system).
  • When you are trying to start working on the content before the new content entry and display templates are ready.
System-wide startup effort

There may be some setup required in the current system to help enforce new structural constraints, so you are confident that changes in the current system will "stick" when automatically moved to the new system.

Average per-item manual effort
10 minutes
Effort per (potential) handling step:
Step Effort What is this?
Sort low Decide what to do with content item
Place skipped Place in IA
Edit low Edit text/content (NOT technical)
Move / Transform low Physically move/enter/transform content (NOT the words)
Enhance / Tag skipped Prepare the metadata, especially tagging/retagging
QA skipped Review content for quality
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