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[IA] Depth

The depth from the perspective of the main navigational structures, for instance the Breadcrumb Depth.
General Usefulness: ★ ★
Ease of Automation: ⚙⚙
⚠ Gotchas ⚠

Avoid simply relying on crawl depth, which: a) biases from the home page (when many people do not start from the home page) and b) biases toward recent or other content that happens to be highlighted at the time of the crawl.

Source Types:
Example field names:
Breadcrumb Depth, Navigation Depth, Site Depth

Other closely related fields you may consider

Note that lower level fields may sometimes be needed to compute more useful fields. Also, sometimes the higher level fields may be more difficult to compute, so they are not always worth it.

[IA] Depth (you are here)
↓↓↓ Often lower level fields are less useful ↓↓↓
In Content Chimera

This would usually be implemented by scraping.