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[Success Event] Count

The count of events that were successful from this page, such as the count of purchases or the count of downloads.
General Usefulness: ★ ★
Ease of Automation: ⚙⚙
⚠ Gotchas ⚠

Be careful in how you aggregate multiple values (for instance, URLs with different session IDs that are really the same page) from the metrics system into your content analysis.

Source Types:
Example field names:
Download Count, Purchase Count

Other closely related fields you may consider

Note that lower level fields may sometimes be needed to compute more useful fields. Also, sometimes the higher level fields may be more difficult to compute, so they are not always worth it.

[Success Event] Count (you are here)
↓↓↓ Often lower level fields are less useful ↓↓↓
In Content Chimera

Chimera allows either direct ingestion from metrics tools or merging from a spreadsheet, in all cases aggregating values that represent the same page.