The assignments page shows the results of running the ruleset. You can see the breakdown of buckets, dispositions, and resourcing. As with almost all charts in Content Chimera, you can click on any bar to see a random sample of the URLs in that bar.



When you run a ruleset that has structured dispositions, the “effort” field (in minutes) is filled for the URLs that matched a rule. The total effort per disposition is shown on the assignments page (although you can create whatever chart you want on the main Assets & Metadata page):


Buckets to Dispositions

For each bucket, you can see how they map to dispositions:


The manifest

By clicking on the “Download content manifest” button, you can download a CSV that contains all the information you have collected or derived in Content Chimera, with one row per deduplicated URL.


Ordinarily the content manifest should only be exported at the point where the assignments have been made and it is time to execute on those assignments.