Quickstart Paths

Quickstart paths allow you to take several processing steps—and generate a report—automatically.

For instance, the Brief Content Analysis quickstart first does these six steps of analysis


and then takes you to a report with charts and text.


If you are logged in and attempt to go to an onboarding page for a new user, you will be redirected to this page. Currently only new users can take advantage of quickstart paths. If you have already done a quickstart path, then see this and any other reports you have generated at your reports listing page.

Available quickstart paths

There are currently two available quickstart paths:

  1. Migration Analysis. Migration analysis will do a crawl, process, scrape, run example rules, optimize the data, and then generate a report.

  2. Brief Content Analysis. Brief Content Analysis will do a crawl, process, textual analysis, run example rules, and optimize the data, and then generate a report.

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