Independent Strategy Consultants

You are in a unique position to help set the stage for dramatic digital presence improvements. Since you are independent of implementors, you can be especially valuable in providing unbiased advice and strategies. David Hobbs Consulting built Content Chimera for this type of work since there was no other tool anything like it. The tool can allow you to work at a scale that isn't possible otherwise, by visualization, rules, and the ability to bring in data from arbitrary sources.

Content Chimera is a tool to communicate and engage with stakeholders about their digital presence, dynamically answer content questions, and make content decisions. It does this with interactive charting, a rules engine, merging from sources such as Google Analytics, deduplicating URLs, multi-level analysis for complex/global digital presences, automated multi-step processing, near duplicate probabilistic analysis, on-the-go analysis across devices, and team support. Content Chimera imports from source systems such as CMSes or crawlers (or it can do the crawl itself, with features such as "circuit breakers" for very large crawls).See features.

Work at another level

You may be working at a more narrow and lower level than you would prefer. One of the reasons is existing tools, which make you working at a higher level very challenging (over the years David Hobbs Consulting has hacked all sorts of on-off methods of doing this, so we sympathize).

Content Chimera allows you to work at a strategic and multi-site level rather than a tactical and single-site level. It was specifically built from the ground up for multiple sites (for instance, you can analyze at the client, group of sites, or site level—see example).

Tactical level Strategic level
Single website Entire digital presence
Content anecdotes and arbitrary observations Test hypotheses and display data-backed visualizations of pervasiveness and distribution
Content owner discussions Executive discussions
Spreadsheets Interactive charts
Plumbing work in a table-based tool Working on rules, decisions, and finding patterns

Engage with more types of stakeholders

Spreadsheets communicate little to anyone, and in particular provide nearly no value to executives. Content Chimera helps you engage with more stakeholders, especially through the use of charts that are interactive, span multiple websites, allow random sampling, and are generally optimized for content.

Provide value earlier and iterate faster

On the one hand, you can charge clients for your time in slogging through Excel or other tools to do your analysis in a very manual manner. But on the other hand, there are several advantages to working faster:

  • You are able to start showing value faster.
  • Related to the above point, you are able to have more meaningful conversations earlier.
  • You are able to use saved time to do deeper analysis.
  • You are able to iterate on your analysis. This is difficult to do if you are relying on tons of hours in spreadsheets.

Provide new types of services

Many of the types of analysis that Content Chimera can do are either impossible or impractical for you to implement yourself.

Status Quo New, higher-value services
Content audit Content patterns and decisions with manifest and rules
Static deliverables Interactive workshops to engage and drive discussion
Answer content questions with anecdotal and arbitrary observations Answer content questions automatically and see pervasiveness and distribution
Have clients do line-by-line review of their content Drive discussions about business-level rules about content
Scare clients to take action by impressing them with the sheer volume of their content Help reduce spurious URLs from the analysis, and explore patterns about their content so they can take action
Spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain and are only interesting to a narrow audience Interactive charts that are automatically maintained, allow dynamic exploration, and appeal to a far broader audience
Single or two-source data analysis Cross information from multiple data sources, for instance charting pageviews from Adobe Analytics, content type from your CMS, and URL folders as derived by Content Chimera.

As an example of a useful visualization that would be very difficult to implement on your own, consider this type of chart that Content Chimera can do for you:

One of the ways that Content Chimera allows you to provide higher value services is that it frees up much of the "plumbing" work that you are probably doing in spreadsheet and crawler tools. Content Chimera allows you to run a series of jobs automatically at the push of a button. For instance, in the example crawl process below it first does the actual crawl, then enhances the information (extracting things like "folder" and deduplicating many URLs), and then optimizes the data for charting (that last step also rationalizes all the data you have already imported in addition to the last crawl).

Justifying the cost

There are fundamentally two approaches you could take in justifying the cost:

  • Only use Content Chimera for the projects where you weren't sure how to implement otherwise. In this case, you only need to consider the duration that you think you will need to use it for that client (only considering the monthly cost).
  • Use Content Chimera on an ongoing basis, as a means of trying to land larger clients, and keeping clients active for a more ongoing analysis. The annual pricing is what you should consider for this.

In addition, you may be able to explicitly pass the cost of Content Chimera on to the client. For instance, you could charge them the monthly charge of Content Chimera for the duration of their project.

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