Bigger Strategies

Let’s face it. Most big digital changes aren’t very effective, and are often driven by egos or the simple impulse for something new and/or flashy.

One of the problems is that most change is so narrow. For instance, an organization might have several websites but the Big Redesign is really just one site, while site visitors may continue to get confused between the sites.

One challenge of encouraging teams to think bigger is that it is very difficult to effectively communicate about digital presences as a whole.

Steps in Content Chimera

  1. If you are going to be looking at multiple sites, then consider how to best organize them into site groups.

  2. Crawl the site or sites.

  3. Process the extent level that you want to visualize (for instance, if you want to chart all the content for a specific site group, then you need to process that sitegroup so that it is optimized for charting).

  4. If it’s just one site, then use the Deep Site Structure built-in chart. If it’s multiple sites, then create a custom Treemap chart with level 1 = Site and level 2 = folder1.

  5. Consider what surprises you see about the content, and what might be anchor points for discussions with stakeholders.

  6. Use the treemap to drive the discussion.


This is all being doing before we are doing “content analysis” from a project perspective. We are just quickly generating this type of chart to drive discussions, especially about thinking bigger about the site.