Agencies and Integrators

Agencies and integrators implement websites, as well as services leading up to and after launches. Content Chimera can help win bigger deals, respond faster to client needs, and reduce risk while being more efficient.

Content Chimera is a tool to communicate and engage with stakeholders about their digital presence, dynamically answer content questions, and make content decisions. It does this with interactive charting, a rules engine, merging from sources such as Google Analytics, deduplicating URLs, multi-level analysis for complex/global digital presences, automated multi-step processing, near duplicate probabilistic analysis, on-the-go analysis across devices, and team support. Content Chimera imports from source systems such as CMSes or crawlers (or it can do the crawl itself, with features such as "circuit breakers" for very large crawls).See features.

Win bigger deals

Bigger clients usually have bigger digital presences, and bigger means approaching these projects in a different manner. In particular, bigger digital presences often mean more websites. Even if the potential client is initially thinking about making narrow changes (for instance to the main corporate site), the highest impact would usually be making organization-wide site changes.

Content Chimera is built for large digital web presences, allowing you to have a data-driven view across websites (see example). In particular, Content Chimera helps win bigger deals by:

  • Demonstrating that you understand their complex sites, in a visual manner that all stakeholders can engage with.
  • Support decision-making by discussing rules about content, and seeing the implications of those rules (and modifying them frequently as needed) rather than attempting to do this with lists of content.
  • Better understanding their existing sites during the business development cycle so that you can better respond to their needs.

Respond faster

Obviously all things digital move quickly, but existing approaches do not allow fast, content-rich answers to questions. Content Chimera allows you to move fast:

  • For a new (or prospective) client, get an initial view of their websites quickly. This allows you to engage with stakeholders concretely about their content, from the first meeting.
  • Rather than content analysis being a cumbersome process, do initial analysis even during the business development phase.
  • Be able to respond to new content questions quickly while working with a client.
  • Iterate with new feedback, without requiring a lot of manual work.
  • See all your content analysis across clients in one place, so you can more quickly re-use approaches that have worked for you in the past.

The typical process is very cumbersome with a lot of "plumbing" work, which not only is inefficient but it is more error prone and difficult to iterate:

Content Chimera works to keep your discussions at the meaningful level, where you have conversations with business stakeholders (see example of applying rules):

Reduce risk

Regardless of whose "fault" it is or what the contract says, everyone looks bad when there are surprises in big digital projects (and it may cost you eating hours). Fundamentally we want to understand the risks early, so we can discuss them with all stakeholders as early as possible.

Content Chimera helps reduce this risk:

  • Even at the proposal stage, get a better understanding of the client site(s) since you can more quickly analyze them.
  • Rather than being surprised by content or technical problems, test the pervasiveness of issues early. For instance, if you see many cases of tables being used for layout, you could scrape out these tables across the site to understand if this is an isolated issue or a broad issue.
  • Drive concrete (backed by actual data) and easy-to-communicate (with built-in graphs) discussions about risks with client early, rather than late in the process (when mismatches in expectations are far more problematic).

Provide new services

You can provide higher value to your clients.

Status Quo New, higher-value services
Content audit Content patterns and decisions with manifest and rules
Static deliverables Interactive workshops to engage and drive discussion
Migration support by bucket of hours Rich migration plan and reliable scope
Answer content questions with anecdotal and arbitrary observations Answer content questions automatically and see pervasiveness and distribution
Have clients do line-by-line review of their content Drive discussions about business-level rules about content
Scare clients to take action by impressing them with the sheer volume of their content Help reduce spurious URLs from the analysis, and explore patterns about their content so they can take action
Spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain and are only interesting to a narrow audience Interactive charts that are automatically maintained, allow dynamic exploration, and appeal to a far broader audience
Single or two-source data analysis Cross information from multiple data sources, for instance charting pageviews from Adobe Analytics, content type from your CMS, and URL folders as derived by Content Chimera.

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