Business Development and Proposal Development

The point in using Content Chimera during business development is to do fast analysis.

The primary outcomes we are attempting to achieve:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of their site(s).

  • Provide some observations about their site.

  • Understand risks early.

  • Paint the picture of how you could do more sophisticated content analysis.

Steps in Content Chimera

  1. Crawl the site(s) (since this is a business development phase, you probably would not have the access to their CMS or be able to trouble the client for the data).

  2. Look at the Basic Site Structure and Deep Site Structure charts, and consider including them in your proposal.

  3. Based on the requested scope, you may wish to do additional analysis. For instance, if you are on the hook for migration then you may wish to scrape out common problems. Or if you are dealing with a specific CMS with defaulted template elements, you may want to scrape out what components of that CMS are used across the site (and echo that back visually to the potential client).


Remember that you can run Content Chimera while on the run as well, for instance on the way to a meeting with a potential client. You can then talk about any quick observations you made about the site, such as where the bulk of their content is (which may not be the same as the content they are most concerned about, which could drive a useful discussion about their goals).