Extents: Sites, Sitegroups, and Clients


If you are only analyzing one site then you can skip this documentation topic entirely.

Grouping Sites

Content Chimera is specifically built to analyze large digital presences, and also to work with lots of clients:

  • Large digital presences usually have multiple sites, and you may wish to conduct your analysis across multiple at once (but still have the flexibility to look at specific sites).

  • Multiple clients. If you are a consultant or integrator, you may be helping multiple clients analyze their content. You need to separate out these different areas of analysis.

Content Chimera has the concept of an extent. An extent can be:

  • Client.

  • Site Group.

  • Site. This what we would think about as a separate site, usually a domain.

If you work directly for an organization and are analyzing it internally then you may decide to skip having multiple Clients in Content Chimera, but you still may desire grouping sites together.

Aside from a Client, every extent has a parent. Let’s take this example:

  • Client: ACME Corporation
    • Site Group: ACME Products
      • Site: ACME traps

      • Site: ACME books

    • Site Group: ACME Corporate
      • Site: ACME.com

      • Site: ACME Corporate responsibility

  • Client: Big Corp
    • Site Group: Big Corp International
      • Site: China

      • Site: Taiwan

      • Site: Mexico

      • Site: Netherlands

    • Site Group: Big Corp Divisions
      • Site: Research

      • Site: Marketing

Using Extents in Content Chimera

On most pages in Content Chimera you will see the following bar at the top of the page:


You can change the extent you are analyzing when you click on the Change button. You will see a tree of selections like this:


You can select any extent to see analysis for that extent.


If you go to an extent other than a site level, you will need to click on the Process Group button on the extent bar (which only appears for non-site extents). This will execute the Optimize step for the extent.